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Our Investment Approach

We leverage our extensive network and experience to identify high potential businesses in high growth subsectors of the technology industry. We are experienced operators as well as investing professionals and this informs our investment perspective in all aspects of the deal process.


The partners of RunTide have worked together over the last 13 years. We are selective with our investments and judicious with our capital allocation.  We actively manage risk and believe our operating experience helps us react to unforeseen developments and adjust accordingly.


Our investment process involves hewing to objective analysis and clear thinking.  We respect the virtue of vigorous debate, self-awareness, directness, clear communication and the ability to adjust in dynamic environments.


From its origins, media and telecom platforms have incorporated the fundamental advances in technology driving the current super-cycle of innovation.  Having built businesses in these sectors over the last 30 years, RunTide’s network of executives, technologists, visionaries and advisors are part of a small world of thought leaders that are in the flow and in the know.  The majority of our deal pipeline is sourced directly from this network.

If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it.  To measure is to know.
– Lord Kelvin (Sir William Thomson) (1883)
How We Compete

Management teams want to partner with experience

Our network adds missing ingredients necessary for success

We have highly relevant experience needed to create value

At RunTide Capital our thesis is consciously contrarian and we often see value when others don’t

Our focus on value in emerging companies addresses an underserved portion of the market

We invest  where we have a comparative advantage to understand and mitigate risks through our network or unique insight.