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The Super Cycle Of Innovation

We are in the early stages of a new “super-cycle” of growth and innovation driven by fundamental advances in core computing and networking technologies.  Extraordinary gains in processing power, storage and mobile broadband are being combined in ever more creative ways to create new industries and reinvent existing ones. Technology is touching every industry and fueling demand for growth capital.

Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you.
– Alexander Graham Bell – 1876
The Rising Tide

We believe that businesses participating in the connected digital economy are best positioned for strong growth in revenue and profit over time. This “rising tide” can carry businesses across a down cycle, while value continues to compound, or vault them to high growth and high value appreciation during bull markets.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.
– Albert Einstein
About RunTide

RunTide looks to invest in companies where our capital can be used as a catalyst for growth at a transformational point in a company’s development. RunTide partners with management to build businesses with sustainable value. We bring experience and resources to our investments to support management teams through business and economic cycles and coach them through the challenges of rapid growth.


Growth companies operate in highly dynamic environments.  The partners of RunTide have extensive operating experience in high growth companies.  Simply put, we get it.  We have managed through huge market downturns, regulatory about faces, challenges to fundamental IP and growing so fast that we could not hire talent fast enough.  And, we have seen our share of those “unknown, unknowns.”


RunTide invests in industries where we have domain expertise, where we can be most helpful to growing companies. Broadly, this means the connected digital economy. More specifically, we focus on companies using technologies that enable products, services and information to be reimagined and distributed in innovative ways to bring unique value to customers in large markets around the globe.


The Partners of RunTide Capital are experienced investors, operators and entrepreneurs that together deliver tangible results.  We have invested in or helped build six companies that have achieved multi-billion dollar public market valuations or exits.  We are hands on investors and active board members.  Our exceptional team has managed start-ups and scaled high growth businesses into very large companies.

Everybody has a plan… ‘Till they get punched in the mouth.
– Mike Tyson
What’s In A Name?
“The call of a running tide is a clear call and a wild call that may not be denied.”
– John Masefield

John Masefield wrote these words in 1902 to describe the call of opportunity drawing people to sea during the last great “super-cycle” of innovation and growth, from 1820 to 1913. Advances in navigation and networking technologies — like railways, steamships and the telegraph – enabled global trade, the Industrial Revolution and the spread of new ideas around the world. Seafarers, seeking their fortune, would launch their ships on a “running tide” as a favorable omen and a practical way to harness the forces of nature.


At RunTide, we are captivated by this spirit and seek to partner with management teams who have answered the call to build something enduring and valuable.

The tide of innovation calls… Run with us.